Who’s Kirandeep Kaur? NRI from UK who got in touch with Amritpal Singh on Instagram

“I am not going to run away from this situation,” said Kirandeep Kaur, wife of Amritpal Singh amid a manhunt for the Khalistani separatist leader. Married to Amritpal in February this year, Kirandeep knew beforehand what she was getting into but hadn’t imagined that the situation could get this worse.

On Thursday, Kirandeep was stopped at the Amritsar airport while she was trying to board a flight to London. She was questioned by customs officials, sources told India Today. But how did Kirandeep, an NRI from the UK, come in contact with Amritpal Singh?

Earlier, a Punjab Police team, including a female police officer, questioned Kirandeep Kaur, Amritpal’s father Tarsem Singh and mother for nearly an hour on March 22. She was questioned at Jallupur Kheda village in connection with alleged foreign funding for the activities of Amritpal Singh, according to sources.

She refuted allegations that she had “links in the UK” or that she was “doing something illegal”, in an interview to The Week.

“I am not going to run away from this situation… I am here legally. I can stay here for 180 days. I have been here for two months already. I will not go against the law and will not overstay beyond the stipulated period. This is my home now,” Kirandeep Kaur said in the interview in March.

She said she had gone to the UK earlier too for a week after staying in India for six months. “Amrit said it was reverse migration. He did not go to the UK, I came here,” Kirandeep said.

According to Punjab Police sources, Kirandeep is a citizen of the United Kingdom and is a UK passport holder. She has no case filed against her in Punjab or in any part of the country.

There is no concrete evidence or FIR registered with the Punjab Police or the central agencies regarding Amritpal’s wife Kirandeep Kaur being an active member of Babbar Khalsa International while staying in the UK.

Kirandeep Kaur was detained on Thursday as a precautionary measure under the same legal process under which the family and acquaintances of the absconding accused are questioned.

Kirandeep revealed in The Week interview that she had been following Amritpal on Instagram for over a year before she messaged him. It was just before Amritpal was about to go live on Instagram and discuss issues related to Sikhism and saving the Punjabi language.

“I sent him an appreciation message and told him that what he was doing was very good. I said he was powerful in his approach and that I would support him,” said Kirandeep. Kirandeep said what clicked with Amritpal was that despite being an NRI in the UK, she was a teetotaller and vegetarian. He liked that she took care of the elderly and was a spiritual person.

Though Kirandeep knew what she was getting into when she married Amritpal in February, she didn’t realise that there would be such a manhunt one day. “Amrit told me anything could happen anytime… If the government is against him, it can arrest him, but he never told me that he could be pursued in such a way,” she said.

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