‘Trudeau a laughing stock in India’: Canada’s Opposition leader amid diplomatic row

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his handling of diplomatic relations with New Delhi and said the latter is considered a “laughing stock” in India.

Poilievre made the remark in an interview with Nepalese media outlet Namaste Radio Toronto. “Justin Trudeau is considered a laughing stock in India – the world’s biggest democracy,” said the leader of the Conservative Party.

When asked about Canadian diplomats being asked to leave India, Poilievre put the blame on Trudeau and said he was “incompetent and unprofessional”. He added that Canada is now in major disputes with almost every major power in the world, including India.

41 Canadian diplomats left India after tension between the two countries escalated over the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India gave a deadline to Canada to remove its diplomats and said their immunities would be stripped if they don’t leave the country.

Poilievre said Canada needs a “professional” relationship with the Indian government and he will restore it if he becomes the prime minister. “India is the largest democracy on earth and it’s fine to have our disagreements and to hold each other accountable, but we have to have a professional relationship,” he added.

The Conservative Party leader, while talking about Canada’s foreign relations, also said US President Joe Biden is President Biden is “walking all over Trudeau and treating him like a doormat and slapping him around like a rag doll”.

He also expressed his strong condemnation of the attacks on Hindu temples in Canada. “I strongly condemn all of the attacks on Hindu mandirs. The threats against Hindu leaders, the aggression shown to Indian diplomats at public events are totally unacceptable. I will continue to oppose it,” said Pierre Poilievre.

He said people who attack Hindus or Hindu temples should face criminal charges. There have been several reports of Hindu temples being vandalised in Canada. In August, a Hindu temple in British Columbia was vandalised with Khalistan referendum posters pasted on the main door of the temple. It was the third incident of temple vandalisation in Canada this year.

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