Tribal couple in Mayurbhanj breaks window railings to save baby from king cobra

Baripada: A tribal couple managed to save their little child from the probable bite of a massive King Cobra inside their house after hour-long efforts.
The incident took place at Lulunga Gate under Pithabata range of Similipal biosphere reserve in Mayurbhanj district.

The poisonous reptile sneaked into the house of Okila and Koili Munda without their knowledge. In order to save their child who was playing inside the room, the desperate Munda couple kept kicking and punching the window railings before finally breaking open the window to rescue the baby.
When the couple spotted the reptile violently hissing inside the house, they applied their presence of mind and ran out, they said.

However, the snake then turned to their little baby who was playing inside the room. When the couple found the snake approaching towards the baby, with no other options left, they tried to break the window railings as the snake was perched near the door.

After managing to break the railings, the couple brought the child out of the house through the window and informed a snake catcher who reached the spot immediately.

Krushna Gochhayat, the snake catcher, cautiously rescued the snake unhurt from inside the house. Later, he released the reptile in the Similipal forest.

Similar incidents have been reported repeatedly in the past in the human settlements at the foothills of the Similipal reserve.

Earlier in April, a 14 ft-long King Cobra had been rescued from the bedroom of a lecturer at Nischinta village near Bangiriposi in same district.

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