Shutdown imposed in Umerkote by Collector

Nabarangpur: The Nabarangpur Collector on Friday imposed shutdown in Umerkote block and town following reports of violation of social distancing guidelines in the area.

The shutdown will remain in force from the midnight of June 26 to the midnight of June 29.

The Chief District Medical Officer of Nabarangpur had earlier written to the Collector reporting the latter about the violation of social distancing guidelines by people in Umerkote. On the basis of the report, a decision regarding the shutdown was taken,

During the shutdown, only the following activities shall be allowed:

  1. All medical establishments including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, including medicine stores. Movement of ambulances and medical personnel.
  2. Block and Municipal Administration/Police and Fire Services.
  3. Central & State Government officials on emergency duty.
  4. Telecom services/Petrol pumps.
  5. Electronic Media identified by District Police.
  6. Water supply, sanitation and sewerage workers.
  7. Electricity supply and distribution.
  8. Movement of goods and good carriers, whether loaded or unloaded
  9. Hotel & Hospitality units.


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