Servitors body of Srimandir prepare list of servitors to be engaged for Snana Jatra

Puri: A servitors body of Srimandir has prepared a list of servitors to be engaged in the much-awaited Snana Jatra rituals of Lord Jagannath in Puri.

In view of COVID-19 outbreak, the Daitapati Nijog has reduced the number of servitors to 150 for the upcoming annual festival scheduled on June 5.

“The list of servitors for pahandi rituals has been prepared as per the Satwalipi (RoR) of Jagannath Temple. Total 150 servitors of Daitapati Nijog will take part in pahandi rituals of Lord Jagannath and His holy siblings,” informed Daitapati Nijog Secretary Durga Prasad Dasmohapatra after a meeting.

Of 150 servitors, 60 will be engaged for pahandi of Lord Jagannath, 50 for Lord Balabhadra, 30 for Goddess Subhadra and 10 servitors will be in service of Lord Sudarshan to bring the deities from Ratna Singhasan to Snana Mandap.

The list will be handed over to Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) on Monday for approval, he said.

The decision will be taken later to engage number of servitors for deities at Snana Mandap, he added.

Worth mentioning, the SJTA has decided to conduct Snana Jatra of Lord Jagannath on auspicious Jyestha Purnima with minimum servitors by following social distancing norms to prevent spread of COVID-19 during the festival.

In this regard, the servitors, who will be engaged for Snana Jatra, will undergo COVID test ahead of the festival.

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