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Pranab Mukherjee continues to be on ventilator, no change in condition: Hospital

New Delhi: The condition of former President Pranab Mukherjee remained unchanged on Sunday and he continues to be on ventilator support at the Army hospital in Delhi. Pranab Mukherjee’s vitals and clinical parameters are stable, the hospital said on Sunday.

In an update on Sunday, the Army Research and Referral Hospital said the health condition of Pranab Mukherjee is being closely monitored by a team of specialists.

“There is no change in the condition of Pranab Mukherjee. His vital and clinical parameters are stable and he continues to be on ventilator support. The health condition of the former president who also has multiple old co-morbidities is being closely monitored by a team of specialists,” the hospital said in a statement.

Pranab Mukherjee, 84, was admitted to the Army’s Research and Referral Hospital in Delhi Cantonment on Monday and was operated upon for the removal of a clot in the brain. Before undergoing the brain surgery to remove a blood clot, Pranab Mukherjee had also tested positive for coronavirus.

As the former president remains in hospital, his office posted pictures of Pranab Mukherjee unfurling the national flag on Independence Day in the past and wishing fellow citizens on the day.

In a tweet, it said, “On behalf of #CitizenMukherjee, his office recalls some of the recent #IndependenceDay Celebrations, he so enthusiastically participated in & would have never missed. Today also the Tricolor flies high.”

“As he recuperates, let us re-pledge ourselves to a free, democratic and plural India that he stands for and hope that he is back to celebrate these core values of our Nationhood at the earliest,” his office tweeted on his behalf.

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