Police sound alert for social media users

Bhubaneswar: In the wake of increasing cases of cyber crimes and cyber security breaches, the Odisha police have alerted social media users to remain cautious while using online platform.

Through a twitter post, the police mentioned a number of Do’s and Don’ts for the users.

The post advised the users to refrain from opening multiple accounts on Facebook on a single identity.

The users have been advised to go through the privacy policies before opening any account.

“Don’t chat with strangers. Send friend request or accept only to those who are known to you,” police tweeted.

Police also suggested to keep away from sharing confidential personal data on the social media platforms.

The police also warned against opening of multiple accounts in one name.

Some other points issued by the police in its advisory are:

1. Don’t believe any post on the social media blindly. Examine the post properly before making any transaction.

2. Don’t post any unparliamentarily languages/messages, hate messages and bad sentences that would hurt the sentiment of a mass. It is a criminal offence.

3. Don’t forward any such SMSs blindly without understanding its consequences.

4. Log out/sign out your account properly every time you open it for personal use.

5. Don’t click on any unknown link. It may steal your personal data.

6. Remain extra alert while opening your account in free WI-Fi zone. There is possibilities of your password and user ID hacking.

7. Don’t transact personal banking through online mode in free Wi Fi zone.

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