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Police commissioner asks cops to shape up or face music

Bhubaneswar: In order to improve the fitness of police personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Commissionerate Police (CP) has ordered mandatory fitness regime for its policemen.
“Keeping in mind the present pandemic situation, all should bring in change in their lifestyle and take care of their health,” Twin City police Commissioner Sudhansu Sarangi said in an order.
“Our staffs during their training period do lots of exercise and join the force with ideal fitness. In course of their duty, they do not take care of their health and face various issues like blood pressure, diabetes and obesity,” he said.
Sarangi has set three-month deadline for overweight cops with body mass index (BMI) more than 30 to shape up. From next week, all the staff of Commisionerate of Police will be put to BMI which measures fat level and prescribes the ideal body weight based on a human being’s age and height. The cops will be intimated in written about their present BMI and what should the ideal weight.
The process will be completed by July 30 and the database will be kept in the police hospital. The next fitness review will be conducted in November to check whether the cops have made any efforts to lose their weight.
If any cop fails to lose weight by November, he/she will be asked to do compulsory exercise every morning or join six-week refresher course on fitness.
Terming fitness as a mandatory professional requirement, Sarangi has asked all the personnel to strictly follow the instructions and warned of disciplinary action in case of any default.
“Those not taking the directive seriously will face action. Penalties like no increment and forced retirement on health grounds will be handed to such violating policemen,” Sarangi said in the letter.

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