Pediatric Cancer can be cured if diagnosed and treated early

Bhubaneswar, Feb. 15: Most childhood cancers can be cured if diagnosed
early and treated appropriately, Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Panda, in-charge of Pediatric
Hematology and Oncology unit at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM
Hospital here, said on Wednesday.
“Children respond well to chemotherapy and show minimal side effects
compared to similar treatment in adults,” Prof. (Dr.) Panda said while speaking at
the International Childhood Cancer Day program organised at the hospital.
The most common form of cancer seen in children is Leukemia or blood
cancer which is highly curable with appropriate treatment, he said.
Prof. (Dr.) Panda said the Pediatric Oncology department of IMS and SUM
Hospital had diagnosed more than 1100 cases of pediatric cancer during the last
five years of whom around 800 cases had been treated by the medical team. “Till
now, treatment in respect of 450 cases had been completed successfully while
210 children were presently under treatment,” he said.
“The cancer in all these 450 cases was in remission and we expect these
children to live normal lives,” Prof. (Dr.) Panda said adding pediatric cancer cases
accounted for about five per cent of all carcinoma cases.
The other forms of cancer which mostly afflicted children included
lymphoma, brain tumour, bone tumour, kidney and liver tumour and
retinoblastoma (eye tumour). The mode of treatment comprised chemotherapy,
radiation therapy and surgery, he said.
“It generally takes six months to two years for completion of treatment and
the approximate expenditure varies between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. five lakh
depending upon the disease,” he said adding there are 25 trained pediatric
oncologists in the country of whom four are located in Odisha.
Two of these pediatric oncologists are serving in IMS and SUM Hospital
which has all facilities for pediatric cancer treatment under a single roof, Prof.
(Dr.) Panda said.
Around 100 children, either cured from the disease or still under treatment,
and their parents attended the program which included comedy by famous

comedian Tattwa Prakash Satpathy, better known as Papu Pampam, a magic
show by Jiban Mishra and dances.
The Dean of IMS and SUM Hospital, Prof. (Dr.) Sanghamitra Mishra, Medical
Superintendent Prof. (Dr.) Pusparaj Samantasinhar, Head of the Pediatrics
Department Prof. (Dr.) Mamata Devi Mohanty and Founder of E3 Charitable Trust
Ms. Ritu Modi addressed the program. Dr. Nirmalya Deo Pradhan, Pediatric
Oncologist, conducted the program which was organised by the hospital in
association with E3 Charitable Trust.

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