Odisha’s COVID-19 fatality rate 3rd lowest in country: Health Ministry

Bhubaneswar: Even though there has been a sharp increase in positive cases since July 1, the COVID-19 case fatality rate (CFR) in Odisha is the third lowest in the country. As per the Health Ministry, India’s case fatality rate has been falling and from 3.33% in June it has now dipped to 2.21%.

24 States and UTs in the country have lower case fatality rate than the national average. Assam tops the chart with lowest COVID-19 fatality rate which stand at 0.25 %, followed by Kerala (0.3 %) and Odisha (0.54 %). The other States where the COVID-19 fatality rate is less than 1% include Chhattisgarh (0.56 %), Himachal Pradesh (0.58 %), Bihar (0.60 %), Goa (0.71 %) and Jharkhand (0.99%).

Rajesh Bhusan, OSD to the Health Ministry stated on Thursday that the overall recovery rate in India has shown considerable improvement from 7.85% in April and to 64.4% in July.

Sixteen states & UTs in country have a recovery rate that is more than the national average. Delhi has recovery rate of 88%, Ladakh 80%, Haryana 78%, Assam 76%, Telangana 74%, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat 73%, Rajasthan 70%, Madhya Pradesh 69% and Goa 68%.

As per Bhusan, 31 States and UTs in the country are conducting more than 140 tests per 10 lakh population per day as per the WHO guidelines. Goa is conducting a highest of 1,419 tests per 10 lakh population per day, followed by Tripura (1323), Delhi (1041) and Tamil Nadu (906). Odisha, where the cumulative tests crossed the 5 lakh mark, is conducting 264 tests per 10 lakh population per day.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 death toll in Odisha reached 169 after 10 more persons succumbed to coronavirus today. Data showed that nearly 50 % casualties were suffering from diabetics. The total non-COVID death toll stands at 36 in the State.

“The persons who have diabetes, asthma, bronchitis and cancer have low immunity and need to be extra cautious,” said Ashok Mohapatra, former AIIMS Bhubaneswar Director.

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