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Odisha’s 1st Delta-Plus patient recovered in home isolation due to vaccine impact

Deogarh: The first patient of Odisha who was infected with a mutant strain of SARS-CoV-2 called Delta Plus had taken 20 to 25 days to recover under home isolation without hospitalisation. The patient identified as Milu Rajahansa, a resident of Basaloi under Barkote block in the district.

“I initially experienced body ache and flu like symptoms following which I took normal medicines. On April 23, my son took me to a nearby hospital where I got myself tested. When the results came out Covid positive, I treated myself under home isolation as per doctor’s prescription. It took me around 20-25 days to defeat the virus infection,” he said.

“During illness, I was active with some mild symptoms and didn’t need hospital visit,” he said adding “Now, I have fully recovered and back to my normal life.”

Rajahansa said that he was administered with Covid jab on March 30 and on April 23, he was found infected with the virus.

The senior Health Officials had earlier clarified that he recovered with normal treatment before getting into severity due to vaccine impact.

A team of epidemiologists visited the district to review the situation. The team will further examine the health condition of Rajahansa after six weeks of his illness, said Health Services director Dr Bijay Mohapatra.

The health condition of others who had come in contact with the infected person will also be examined. The team will also verify the vaccination status of these people, added Mohapatra.

Due to vaccination, he was asymptomatic and recovered with normal condition. It is clear that the vaccines work against Delta Plus variant also, he said.

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