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Odisha to pay up to Rs 18,000 Per COVID-19 patient per day to private hospitals

Bhubaneswar: Odisha government on Friday approved the reimbursement rates that private hospitals may claim from the government for treating COVID-19 patients in the state. As per the approved rates, Odisha government will pay a maximum of Rs 18,000 per COVID-19 patient per day.

These reimbursement rates were communicated by the Health Department letter to all Collectors, Municipal Corporation Commissioners, Superintendents of medical colleges and hospitals.

In the letter, Additional Chief Secretary PK Mohapatra has informed that the State government has approved the standardised rate for reimbursement of different consumables cost in DCHC /DCH and Covid care centre of Covid-19 facilities run by private hospitals (DCHC-Dedicated COVID Health Centre/ DCH-Dedicated Covid Hospital).

As per the approval, the fixed cost per general bed per day in DCHC/DCH is between Rs 1200 to Rs 3,000 (fixed for each hospital as per MoU). The consolidated consumable cost per patient per day is Rs 1750. The consumable cost is broken down into -Laundry (Rs 200), Santisizers (Rs 60), Food (240), Medicines (Rs 300), PPE (Rs 500), Investigations (Rs 200) and consumables (Rs 250).

The fixed cost per day for ICU beds at DCH is Rs 2000 to Rs 5,000 per day and the consolidated consumable cost per patient per day comes to Rs 12,000.

The highest claimable reimbursement is Rs 18,000 per day per patient in case of ICU bed at DCH with ventilator facility. Under this category, the fixed cost per bed is Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 and the consolidated consumable cost per patient per day comes is Rs 13,000 (as fixed for each hospital as per MoU).

The consumable cost here includes – Laundry (Rs 200), Sanitizers (Rs 60), Food (Rs 240), Medicines (Rs 7000), PPE (Rs 1500), Investigations(Rs 2000),Consumables (Rs 1000), Doctor on call (Rs 1000).

The fixed cost per bed per day per patient at a COVID Care Centre is Rs 1,000.

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