Mass pig deaths in Berhampur triggers panic

Berhampur: Hundreds of pigs have been found dead in several parts of Berhampur in the last 12 days triggering panic and fear in the town as the reason behind the large scale animal mortality is yet to be ascertained.

As per reports, most of the deaths have been reported from Ward Nos 4, 20, and 21 of the town.

On Friday, four more carcases were found in street corners and drains in different wards of the city.

The discovery of dead pigs all over the city has triggered panic as people fear the animals could have died due to some unknown virus which could infect humans too if it is not identified and the spread checked.

Manoranjan Limai a worried local, said, “It’s for the first time the people of Berhampur are witnessing such large scale death of pigs just within a week. People are panicking as the causes are still not known.”

Following Friday’s discovery of four dead pigs, staff from the city sanitation department and a former Corporator intimated the Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) to launch an investigation into the unprecedented mass deaths.

Meanwhile, urging citizens not to panic, Kiran Bisoi the CVDO (In-charge), Berhampur, said, “A Veterinary team has already collected blood, tissue samples from intestine and skin of the dead pigs and sent them to the forensic lab in Berhampur for tests. For further investigation the samples will be sent to the Bhubaneswar forensic lab soon.”

Romanchal Khamari, deputy commissioner, BeMC said, “We can’t say anything about the problem right now as the investigation has just started. As soon as the veterinary team submits the investigation report, necessary actions will be taken.”

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