Man rains notes from Bengaluru flyover, people sweep in to collect

A man brought traffic to a grinding halt in Bengaluru as he rained notes from a flyover. People stopped their vehicles on the flyover and below it to collect the notes. In a video, which has been shared multiple times, a man, in a suit, is seen throwing notes of Rs 10 from the city’s KR Maret flyover. People on the road below scrambled to collect them.

Two-wheelers lined the sides of the flyover as the wind brought some notes back onto the flyover and people stopped to collect them. The man, who arrived on a scooter with a bag full of notes, threw them from both sides of the flyover, navigating his way through crawling traffic.

The man soon left on his scooter. It is yet to be ascertained why the man chose to rain notes on the unsuspecting people of the city. According to some local reports, the man was fed up with his life, which prompted him to throw away the money he had.

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