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Low antibodies prevalence puts Bhubaneswar into high risk zone

Bhubaneswar: Even as Covid-19 cases are on the rise in Bhubaneswar, only around 5.15 percent of the residents have developed antibodies for the infections, informed Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Prem Chandra Chaudhary on Friday.

“So far more than 1600 samples have been collected by the BMC in the first round of the second phase of serological surveillance. But the high risk group is yet to be tested under the surveillance. The first round result of the second surveillance shows that Bhubaneswar is in good stage in terms of Covid infection so far. But the low antibodies prevalent rate puts the city into high risk zone. It may lead to a further surge in the infection rate in near future,” Chaudhary said.

“As the antibodies prevalent rate is low in Bhubaneswar, the infection rate in the city is going to spiral more in future. The situation has led the state government to put the city as a protected zone,” the commissioner added.

Chaudhary said people have to be more careful to abate the spurt of infection.

“Residents should strictly adhere to Covid-19 guidelines. Following social distance guidelines, wearing masks, frequent washing of hands and use of sanitisers can go a long way in keeping Carona virus at bay,” stated Chaudhary.

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