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Hotter days ahead in Bhubaneswar from March 11-19!

Bhubaneswar: With the day time maximum temperature having measured at around 40 degrees Celsius today at 3 pm (as per initial reports) in Bhubaneswar, will the month of March see the Sun breathing fire over the Temple City!

While the IMD outlook for the month of March released on Friday predicted a very high probability of the State recording above normal temperature, the prediction is short in details regarding the sub-state maximum or minimum temperatures.

However, a look at the long range models of IMD and lead Met organisations like ECMWF (European Commission Medium Range Weather Forecast) and Accuweather gives enough clues about the climatology of the Temple town in the month of March. A week wise forecasts is presented below.

The predictions show the coming week will be a hotter one. The day time maximum temperature is predicted remain in the range of 37-39 degree C till the coming Wednesday (March 10).

However, the real Sunny show will begin from March 11 and will continue till the end of week. The mercury, as per model estimates, will shoot up to 40 deg C.

As per model predictions, the pattern of sea wind (from Bay of Bengal) will change, and the sea wind will blow towards the land leading to deflection of the dry wind coming from the north-west India towards the central-northern Odisha.

Still, the predictions show maximum day time temperature in Bhubaneswar will rise because the winds will remain very light (around 14 kmph).


As per the predictions, this week is predicted to inherit the high temperature legacy of the week number two. And the Capital city will be recording maximum day temperature in the range of 39-40 deg C till the beginning of the weekend (till March 19).

But the weekends of the week will witness the mercury cooling down to the level of 35-36 deg C, thanks to the favourable wind pattern and a rise in its velocity.


If the predictions are any indication, then the month of March in its last leg will not torment the Capital denizens by breathing fire.

The day time maximum temperature is predicted to hover in the range of 35-37 degree C.

The reason: Blowing of moist winds with a high velocity (around 25 kmph) to the land from the sea.

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