Gulati — The King of Butter Chicken

Delhi is undoubtedly the food capital of India where people are willing to travel long distances to taste good food. Of late, I have also developed love for good food and my latest crush was with the Gulati restaurant at Pandara Road in Delhi. When you enter Pandara Road one thing which comes to your mind is how a restaurant can be located in this part of Lutyens’ Delhi. Gulati restaurant does not need any introduction to the food lovers of Delhi. It is situated in the Pandara road marketing complex along with several other eating joints. It started as a dhaba in 1959 and Vinod Gulati along with brothers Anil and Namit Gulati gave the shape of the present iconic restaurant.

This restaurant is known for its Butter Chicken and Chicken Biryani and is rightly called the King of Butter Chicken. I have eaten Butter Chicken at many places, but not of this quality. The chicken was quite soft and was marinated to give a different flavor. The aroma of the rice was all over the place when Biryani was served from an earthen pot. Even the Garlic Nan that I ordered was of a different class all together. The other specialty of this place was the Burrah — both Mutton Burrah Akbari and Chicken Burrah Akbari. The meat was quite soft and was marinated in spices before being roasted on tandoor. Generally the meat of the Mutton Burrah is hard, but that was not the case here.

The most fascinating of the dishes was the Kastoori Kabab, which was served to me along with Burrah and Amritsari fish cutlet as Starters. The Kastoori Kabab was so soft that it melted the moment I took it inside my mouth. It was excellent and there is no match of it anywhere in Delhi. By the time I finished all the cuisines, there was no space left in my stomach for anything else. However, the manager of the restaurant insisted on having the sweet dish, without which, according to him, the meal was incomplete. I tasted Cream Fruit in a sweet dish which was equally tasty. I will give 9 out of 10 for Butter Chicken, Kastoori Kabab, Burrah Akbari, Garlic Nan and Cream Fruit. I will give 8 out of 10 for Biryani and 7 out of 10 for Amritsari fish. Although priced slightly high, it’s good value for money.

The most remarkable feature of this restaurant was the precautions taken and hygiene being maintained for the prevention Covid-19. All the serving staff were wrapped in proper kit. The washrooms were sanitized after the entry of each and every customer.

(Sanjay Kumar is a senior journalist and the Editor of www.msn.com)

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