COVID-19: Bhubaneswar Hospitals to prepare database of healthcare workers living in slums

Bhubaneswar: With COVID-19 cases rising and health workers getting infected in the line of duty, the officials of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday issued guidelines for private hospital staff and other workers.
Taking note of the fact that some health workers of private hospitals and nursing homes staying in several slums have tested positive for COVID-19, BMC today directed such healthcare establishments to maintain an exclusive employee database.
The database of employees, who are mostly residing in slum areas of BMC, will be prepared.
“About one-third of the population of BMC is staying in slum areas and social distancing is practically not possible because of small houses and high population density. Frequent movement of hospital staff to slum areas poses risk of spread of the virus,” BMC statement read.

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