Commissionerate Police pins hope on ‘Sandhan’ & ‘Kundali’ to curb property offences

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police is planning to develop two computer applications to prevent property offences and streamline the return process of recovered stolen items to rightful owners.

Twin city police commissioner Saumendra Priyadarshi said an organised crime and property offences cell has been set up at the office of the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Bhubaneswar, Umashankar Dash in order to prevent robberies, thefts and other property offences.

In addition, two computer applications are being developed to maintain a record of property offenders and stolen items, he said.

“In order to curb property offences, earlier we had formed special teams- Property Offence Prevention and Detection (POPD) team and C60 team at each police station under Bhubaneswar urban police district and at DCP level,” Priyadarshi said.

He said the teams have done phenomenal job and claimed that properly offences have come under control in the past few days. “Huge quantity of stolen goods have been recovered and we managed to return those to many rightful owners,” he said.

“In order to streamline the process, we have taken another initiative today. An organised crime and property offence cell has been set up at the DCP office. In addition, we are trying to develop a computer application, Kundali, by amalgamating data on property offenders. If searched through the app, one can get details regarding the past crime records of any offender,” the CP said.

The second app, Sandhan, is being developed by the Commissionerate Police to maintain record of stolen mobile phones and other property, he said.

“Massive quantity of stolen mobile phones have been recovered. However, it is getting difficult for us to identity their rightful owners. Therefore, we are trying to develop the app by amalgamating all the data regarding the stolen mobile and other property,” he said

“Once the apps are developed, we can track down the crime history of offender and take stringent action against them besides returning the recovered items to the original owners smoothly,” the CP added.

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