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BLUIS application launched to monitor land encroachment in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government on Thursday unveiled Bhubaneswar Land Use Intelligent System (BLUIS), a mobile based application to monitor illegal public land encroachment in Bhubaneswar municipal Corporation area.
Under the 5T initiative, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik launched 8 technology-driven solutions for General Administration & Public Grievance Department and Home Department to enhance public service delivery mechanism.
Along with BLUIS, Odisha Government floated applications like e-Pravesh, e-Bhawan, e-Atithi, HRMS 2.0, HRMS mobile app, LMS 2.0, ORTPSA to ensure better public service delivery.
CM’s Office in a tweet informed, “BLUIS uses space technology and Artificial Intelligence to monitor changes on Govt lands and safeguard them. Odisha is a pioneer in using emerging technology in this field.”
However, public land in an ever growing city like Bhubaneswar is always prone to encroachment which leads to block growth of city. Detection of government land encroachment lacks in adequate transparency and accountability.
With introduction of ‘BLUIS’, real time monitoring satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence will detect every development that takes place on the government land. Every piece of public land is geo-tagged. BLUIS will send alert to enforcement authorities regarding illegal settlements.
Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC) which is the apex body in State for space technology applications was assigned to develop BLUIS application. This app will function under the aegis of ORSAC.
“BLUIS app has Geo Positioning System which will guide enforcement staffs to exact location. Evidences of encroachment uploaded on the App as geo tagged images and Videos. System is designed to ensure physical visit of enforcement staffs to alleged encroached sites as phone cameras will not function beyond 50 metres radius of the sites,” a statement released by the CMO said.
Data uploaded by the enforcement staff will be escalated to deputy Commissioner of BMC and prompt actions will be followed immediately.
Prafulla Kumar Mallick, Chief Executive of ORSAC said, “Conscious citizens can also report unauthorised land encroachments and upload evidences with the help of this app. BLUIS also has escalation mechanism to track delay in evidence uploads and follow-up measures.”
Debajit Mishra, Engineer, ORSAC informed, “BDA, BMC have given ultimate responsibility to ORSAC to keep a hawk eye on government lands. ISRO provides remote sensing satellite data. With this BLUIS will be able to monitor public land.”

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