Bhubaneswar-Pipili ‘Mo Bus’ Service to commence tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: The Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) will launch the ‘Mo Bus’ service connecting Bhubaneswar and applique town Pipili from Thursday.

The first ‘Mo Bus’ will leave from Master Canteen in Bhubaneswar at 7:15 AM tomorrow while another bus from Pipili side will leave at 8:30 AM.

The ‘Mo Bus’ service between Bhubaneswar and Pipli will ply at a frequency of 40 minutes. CRUt has assigned the Route No. 33 to the bus service between Bhubaneswar Railway Station and Pipli.

Earlier, CRUT had postponed the launch of ‘Mo Bus’ service in this route in view of curfew like situation in Puri district. The bus service was scheduled to be launched on June 23.

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