Bapuji Nagar market reopens in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday revoked its previous order regarding sealing of Bapuji Nagar market allowing shops and other commercial establishments to resume services.

The marker area was sealed after shops were found violating the lockdown and social distancing guidelines.

BMC ‘s  Zonal Deputy Commissioner (South East) on Friday allowed the shops and other commercial establishments to resume operation by strictly following the guidelines and the stranded operating procedure (SOP).

The SOP reads:

  1.  Strict adherence to conditions and timing of operations as per order of BMC Commissioner dated on May 4, 2020
  2. At any point, not more than 5 customers will be allowed inside the Shop
  3. The timings of operation shall be from 7 AM  to 6.30 PM only.
  4. The Commercial shops shall operate with a maximum of 33% staff strength as per requirement, with the remaining persons working from home.
  5. Wearing of mask/gloves by each employee is mandatory.
  6. Parking of vehicles by owners/employees/customers in front of the shop/commercial establishment is strictly prohibited.
  7. Display of goods/items beyond the terraced area of the shop/commercial establishment is strictly prohibited at all times.
  8.  Employees/customers having SARI/ILI symptoms shall not be allowed to work in the Office under any circumstances.
  9.  Provision of hand washing/sanitizers for the employees/customers to be ensured by Head of the Commercial Shop
  10.  Use of Aarogya Setu App by all working employees/customers should be promoted by the Head of the Commercial Shop
  11.  All the guidelines issued by the Centre, Odisha Government and BMC relating to social distancing shall be applicable and it will be the responsibility of head of the shop/commercial establishment to ensure it.

However, Deputy Commissioner further warned to immediately cancel the permission if the operating shops do not adhere to the above guidelines and legal action will also be taken against the concerned person violating the measures.

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