Alert bus driver saves lives of over 50 passengers in Keonjhar

Anandpur: An alert bus driver saved precious lives of over 50 passengers in a major road mishap in Keonjhar district on Friday morning.

The driver applied brake on the wheels anticipating a truck losing its balance on an over bridge near Salapada to save the passengers.

According to reports, an iron ore-laden truck from Keonjhar on its way to Paradip fell off the over bridge and overturned in front of a Bhubaneswar-bound bus that was moving under the flyover carrying passengers from Karanjia in Mayurbhanj district.

The alert driver suddenly used the brakes to stop the bus. The rear part of the bus was damaged injuring the bus conductor and truck driver as well as a few passengers after it hit the cabin of the truck. The passengers managed to exit through emergency window of the bus.

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