5 including minor injured in forest fire after accident in Mayurbhanj

Karanjia: At least five passengers including a minor boy sustained burn injuries after they got trapped inside a forest fire in Mayurbhanj district following a road mishap on Sunday.

All the injured were travelling in an auto-rickshaw when their vehicle collided with another auto near Thakurmunda-Karanjia road.

Sources said the occupants of the auto-rickshaw sustained burn injuries after they fell into an ash pit created near the road following a wildfire.

It is suspected that the forest fire had engulfed a major portion of the area near the road. The collision occurred as the drivers failed to see the road and autorickshaw due to poor visibility caused by a storm.

Following the road mishap, all the injured have been admitted to Thakurmunda hospital. Most of them have suffered burn and multiple injuries.

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