3 held for suicide bid near Assembly

Bhubaneswar: Three persons have been arrested for attempting self-immolation in separate incidents in front of the State Assembly in the last two days.

Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash said that anyone who persuaded them to do the illegal act in front of the Assembly will also be brought under the purview of investigation.

“Self immolation bid at a sensitive zone like the close vicinity of State Assembly is treated as a criminal activity. Three persons committed the crime in last two days. We have arrested them after registering cases at Capital police station,” Dash said adding that the investigation is underway on people who provoked them to commit the crime and videographed the scene.

They will also be come under the ambit of investigation, Dash said.

Earlier in the day, a woman along with his son hailing from Kujang in Jagatsinghpur district attempted suicide in front of the Jayadev Bhawan near the State Assembly by pouring kerosene on them.

The mother-son duo has been whisked away by the security officials before they lit the matchstick.

On Wednesday, a man belonging to Hanspal area in Bhubaneswar had also attempted self immolation in front of the Assembly before being overpowered by the security forces. He resorted to such extreme step alleging that Mancheswar police turned mute to his complaint.

The Commissionerate Police has tightened the security around the Assembly and restricted vehicular movements in the vicinity of the Assembly in view of the budget session that commenced today.

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